About Aurel

No capital project should be approved without first performing due diligence simulation modeling to prove its ROI value.

Who are we?

Aurel Systems has been providing engineering software and services to the chemical engineering community for 30+ years. Our CADSIM Plus software products are widely known and valued tools that chemical engineers use to design, troubleshoot, modify and optimize their chemical processes. Our clients are located in 34 countries throughout the world.

Aurel offers software sales and training and a full line of services, along with custom unit module development. Our engineering services include dynamic process modeling and advanced online application development based on our proprietary Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR) and real-time optimization technologies. DDR-based online applications provide advanced capabilities to understand, correct and track product data in real time.

We often collaborate with our engineering consultant clients by supplementing their in-house engineering expertise with advanced knowledge of dynamic simulation modeling and online application development, deployment and support.

Why choose Aurel?

We work tirelessly to maximize the value that your company derives from your simulation modelling and advanced online application dollars. Our goal is to insure that your process modeling efforts are successful, whether they are done by you in-house (with or without our expert assistance) or by a consultant who is using our CADSIM Plus software tools and services.

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