Custom Modules

Flash Tank Part

While it was possible to build the needed functionality using CADSIM's generic building blocks, we ultimately found that it made sense to have Aurel build that functionality into a new module that does exactly what we wanted.

Aurel can create customized unit modules for your specific unit operations. Process modules are the building blocks of our CADSIM Plus dynamic process simulator. A customized module can be added to one of our libraries for regular distribution, or a proprietary library can be created, for which you would control the distribution.

Aurel has partnered with individuals, companies and research institutions to put their advanced knowledge of unit operations into a form that will work in the CADSIM Plus environment. This work has been funded at times by government R&D grants, or in other cases, royalty or fee agreements have been arranged.

The CADSIM Plus simulation engine loads libraries of modules at runtime. Source code is available for most of our modules and a development template is also available, so with training, it is also possible for you to develop your own modules for the CADSIM Plus platform.

You can use this service to develop simulator objects which exactly match process equipment that you wish to model. This service may be of particular interest to equipment suppliers.

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