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We found that Excel is a poor choice for process modeling. In complex systems, especially those with recycle, it is all too easy to double account for a product flow and it can be virtually impossible to find mistakes. CADSIM Plus makes it easy to adhere to conservation of mass and energy rules and ensures that over-specification is avoided.

CADSIM Plus process simulation software licenses can be purchased or leased. The standard CADSIM Plus package includes a comprehensive set of process modules, as well as many advanced connectivity and automation technologies. There are also a number of optional, industry-specific add-on libraries available. You can license these tools to develop your own models, or Aurel can produce models and customized online solutions for you.

CADSIM Plus Chemical Process Simulation Software

CADSIM Plus is chemical process simulation software which allows you to draw a process flowsheet while creating a process simulation model. It is an engineering tool that can balance flowsheets and simulate dynamic conditions. CADSIM Plus combines a comprehensive computer assisted drawing (CAD) front end with a first-principles dynamic chemical process simulator.

Pulp and Paper MillCADSIM Plus uses first-principles process simulation to perform precise heat and material balances of any chemical process. Here is a partial list of applications:

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