Company History

Clarifier partAurel was incorporated in 1977 by Larry S. Wasik. Aurel grew out of a merging of Mr. Wasik's interests in micro computing devices and his work as professional chemical process engineer.

In 1983, Mr. Wasik was part of a small group of chemical process engineers who pioneered the use of steady-state process simulation at a large consulting engineering firm. The group quickly realized that the text-based interface that was common in process simulation software of the time was not friendly to process engineers, and that there needed to be strong ties between a process flowsheet drawing and the simulation model, in order to make data entry and simulation results display practical and useful.

Mr. Wasik developed CADSIM® which was the original drawing interface for SACDA Inc's pioneering MASSBAL steady-state process simulator. CADSIM was commercially released in 1986. It allowed a CAD drawing to provide the source data for the process simulation. You could draw a process flowsheet in CADSIM faster than you could draw a similar flowsheet in AutoCAD®, while creating a process simulation at the same time. Process engineers of the day reported a 3 to 1 increase in engineering productivity, resulting directly from the use of CADSIM to prepare and process the results of simulation models.

Over the years, the CADSIM steady-state interface continued to evolve. In 1991 it became apparent that there was a growing need for a new dynamic process simulator that would allow the user to study process variables over time, and to interact with the simulation while it was running. Work began on CADSIM Plus, which would combine the CADSIM drawing interface with an entirely new and original dynamic process simulation engine. CADSIM Plus was commercially released in 1995. During this same period, a debugging interface was developed for the CADSIM steady-state simulation product. CADSIM with Coach replaced CADSIM and allowed process engineers to prepare and debug their steady-state process simulations.

Today, CADSIM Plus has replaced both CADSIM and CADSIM with Coach as a complete chemical process simulation solution, that balances process flowsheets, and portrays dynamic or transient conditions in a single tool. CADSIM Plus Process Simulation combines many innovations, including the ability to customize all aspects of the process simulation using standard C++ code modules, while providing outstanding runtime performance on ordinary PC computers. CADSIM Plus has been widely accepted as a valuable engineering tool by process engineers in plants and mills, consulting companies, and universities (see our Client List).

CADSIM process simulation products have been sold world-wide in 34 countries, and have helped engineers design, control, improve and understand chemical process systems. CADSIM steady-state and dynamic simulation products have helped to revolutionize the way that process simulation is done.

CADSIM® is a registered trademark of Aurel Systems Inc.
AutoCAD® is a registered trademark of AutoDesk Inc.