Support Overview

Aurel really goes above and beyond with their product support. Process modeling can be very complex and Aurel has always been there to help us with our modeling questions.

Maintenance & Support

Aurel Systems offers one year of software support and updates (at no charge) for all new software purchases. After one year, Maintenance & Support renewals are available at reasonable rates. Our Maintenance & Support Policy explains more about what is covered.

Software Updates

Current versions of CADSIM Plus have an updater built in. Start CADSIM Plus and click Help > Check for updates...

Software updates for older versions of CADSIM Plus (v2.6 and prior) can be downloaded and installed manually. You will need a user name and password to log in to the downloads area and to run the built-in updater. Please note that only currently supported versions of CADSIM software products are actively updated. However, many legacy software updates are maintained on our website.

Bug Fixes

Aurel uses a system of continuous improvement for our software products. When a critical software bug is reported to us (and we can reliably reproduce it in-house) we will attempt to fix it, and issue a software update, as rapidly as possible - sometimes within 24 hours.

Hours of Operation

Generally, we try to answer your support questions in real time. Our office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time) Monday, through Friday. However, we often answer e-mails outside of those hours. Please see Contact Us for more info.

Tutorial Exercises

The tutorial exercises teach basic CADSIM Plus modeling procedures. They are  built into CADSIM Plus and can be accessed by clicking Help > Tutorial Exercises.

Tech Tips & Newsletters

Tech Tips cover some advanced topics, such as tuning PID controllers. There are also some tech tip articles repeated from our newsletters.

HASP Key Problems

For those who are having trouble with the HASP keys that ship with CADSIM software, please see the frequently asked questions section for HASP related problems.

How can we help?

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