What Our Clients are Saying...

The model, constructed using CADSIM Plus, provides a graphical interface and enables the simulation to be reliable, robust, user-friendly and dynamic. It can perform predictive analyses based on 100 years of weather data via an Excel link.


The increased solids content, coupled with the reconfiguration of the No. 3 evaporator train, reduced steam use by approximately 40,000 lb/hr under summer conditions. Actual steam savings were within 2% of those predicted by the CADSIM Plus models. In addition, summer water consumption was reduced by more than 4,000 gpm. The project was estimated to have cost about C$150,000. Based on natural gas prices at the time, this reduction saved approximately C$2.6 million/yr for a project return in excess of 1,700%.


In response to changes in input variables and design, staff can estimate the behavior of a variety of processes including food, energy, pulp and paper as well as building systems.


CADSIM Plus saved us at least a month when we created a multi-component model of a de ink mill that had no P&ID's.


The visual representation of equations in CADSIM Plus in the form of control valves and specification icons have made it easy to explain to mill engineers how I modeled their de ink plant. When the time comes to hand over the model, I know they will be able to understand what I did - just by selecting the control valves and reading the equations on the screen.


Once again, we are happy with your service and support. CADSIM Plus helped us meet our goals with our recent energy reduction project.


CADSIM Plus allows us to provide Tarong Energy with a reliable predictive model that can be easily used by on-site personnel without the need for expert input once it is established.


Models can be built quickly, are easy to debug and large models run really fast. It is a great product.


CADSIM Plus is a superior, cost effective dynamic simulator. I do not know of any other simulation package that can so closely and so quickly model process control systems and dynamics. I have always liked CADSIM's flexibility in custom process modeling. The new graphic interface is a quantum leap in user friendliness.


I built this model in a day, something I could never come close to doing with my former simulator.


We've chosen CADSIM Plus as the best value-for-money, general purpose, simulator available for the pulp and paper industry.


CADSIM Plus is a powerful tool that helps us make decisions. Our mill produces three grades of paper on ten paper machines, from four different pulp sources. It is almost impossible to predict the dynamics of process modification, on all these different systems, including the complex exchange of white water. However, CADSIM Plus can do it.


If I have a problem with my process model, the answer is at my finger tips. A phone call to Aurel Systems, and I get the solution within a few minutes. If they can't solve my problem over the phone, I e-mail my file, and 24 hours later it's back with a solution.


We used CADSIM Plus to help find the cause of high soda losses that were associated with the startup of a new digesting and washing system. We began by using CADSIM Plus to do a heat and material balance. However, we soon discovered that transitional operation was a major factor.


The dynamic simulation capability of CADSIM Plus allowed us to accurately predict the impact of various shutdowns, startups, and cross connections with an existing digesting and washing system. As a result, we successfully identified the causes and recommended solutions that are being implemented in the mill. I believe that the dynamic capabilities of CADSIM Plus were critical to solving this problem.


... CADSIM Plus is an excellent mass balance simulation program that is very easy to learn and use.


We are running our mill with zero process effluent. The CADSIM Plus simulator is used with data downloaded from our Digital Control System to predict the effects of any operation upsets, and prevent them from happening.


I took a three day CADSIM Plus course. Within days of receiving CADSIM Plus we were able to simulate our reject refiner system with the same frequency of quality variation as observed in the mill.


I just received your e-mail with answers to my problems. I want to let you know how appreciative I am of you addressing my concerns with such promptness and detail.