CADSIM Plus Training

By the end of the three day CADSIM Plus training course, we had already built a basic working model of the area of our plant that we wanted to investigate.

On-site Training

We are dedicated to ensuring that your process simulation development is successful. We can arrange on-site training, in which each student works on a process simulation model that he provides. This hands-on training ensures that relevant skills are developed in areas of interest of each student, and that working simulations developed during the training are immediately useful for current projects.CADSIM Plus Training

Basic CADSIM Plus training is generally 3 days in length. Instructor costs are on a per-diem basis, which is a fixed daily rate for up to four students**. Additional costs for travel and living expenses for the instructor will apply.

Online Training

We also offer one-on-one online training that would benefit individuals who need specific assistance to model a particular problem, or to learn a particular modelling skill. This interactive training allows instructor and student to see and take control of each other's computers to facilitate discussion and technique development.CADSIM Plus Online Training

This type of training is ideally suited for someone who knows the basics of simulation modelling with CADSIM Plus, but wants to learn some new skill related to a current modelling project. As such, it is a handy just-in-time service. Online training is available on an hourly basis.

Scheduled Courses

From time to time, Aurel may host a training course at or near our offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Please contact Aurel for more information about the next scheduled course.

**While larger classes are possible, we find that a student-instructor ratio of 4 to 1 (or fewer) to be the most productive.

Tip: A training course is a great way to evaluate CADSIM Plus software while working on your own process simulation problems!

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