Dynamic Data Reconciliation

Aurel's realtime dynamic data reconciliation includes time-based transient conditions that are often ingnored by other data reconciliation methods. If accuracy is important to you, then Aurel's DDR is the only way to go.

Aurel's unique Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR) ensures that the online applications that we develop for you will yield complete, accurate and actionable data for better process control, optimization and accounting.

DDR is a core technology for our online application developments. It makes it possible to fill in missing data and reconcile inaccurate measurements, resulting in reliable and complete data. It provides accurate process information that can then be used to initialize a first-principles simulation model that can be used to monitor and predict process trends and behavior.DCS Operator Station

Plant process information systems provide access to live and historical data that can be used for many valuable purposes, such as:

However, the quality of this data can be negated by the limitations of the plant's measurement instrument technologies, instrument maintenance practices and completeness of coverage. What this means is that plants often lack the complete or accurately measured data that would be required to generate actionable plant information.

What Can DDR Do For You?

The experienced team at Aurel can analyze your plant's operational needs and your concerns, create a dynamic simulation model of the base process, construct a DDR model to run on top of the dynamic model, integrate the system with your data historian, add optimization, tracking or advanced controller solutions (as required) and deploy the complete online system, with (optional) monitoring and maintenance.

Why choose Aurel's Dynamic Data Reconciliation?

Aurel's approach to doing data reconciliation is unique. Other companies use simplistic or incomplete steady-state process models for the basis of their optimization products. Our dynamic process models are complete, robust and deliver the accurate, time-based data that is required for accurate decision-making.

More Information about DDR:

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