Water & Waste Water Treatment

Water TreatmentCADSIM Plus software has been used by many different types of companies to model water and waste water treatement.

  • Many pulp and paper companies have used our software to model their effluent treatment systems, in order to control the temperature of biological treatment facilities while reducing energy consumption. In some cases, heat exchangers are modeled to study the impacts of removing energy from one area of a process and redirecting it to another.
  • A large mid-western city used CADSIM Plus to study the effects of rain water incursion into their sanitary sewer system during high rainfall events.
  • Another large coastal city used CADSIM Plus to model problems with heat exchangers and energy deficits in a large sewage treatment facility.
  • Our software has been used to model water treatment in a large steel mill.
  • CADSIM Plus has been used to model and study water purification and filtration systems for a variety of processes and industries.

The CADSIM Plus Standard Library of process modules includes tanks, pumps, pipes, valves, heat exchangers, heaters, coolers, clarifiers, phase separators and reactors.

The optional Power Library includes evaporators.

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