Food Processing

Food Processing PlantCADSIM Plus has been used by a variety of food processing companies to do plant-wide simulation models and to study dynamic control problems. It has also been used for operator training and the development of control strategies.

  • CADSIM Plus was used by a large processing company to create plant-wide models of processing lines for packaged potato products.
  • A large dairy company used CADSIM Plus to create interactive dynamic simulation models with computer-based distributed control systems for operator training.
  • Dairy companies have used our software to model milk receiving operations that feed multiple processing lines.
  • CADSIM Plus has been use to model milk evaporation systems for powdered milk products.
  • Our software has also been used to create a plant-wide model of a cheese production plant.
  • One company used CADSIM Plus to model gelatin production that is rendered from pig hides.
  • A canning company used CADSIM Plus to study dynamic control issues with an autoclave that was used for in-can pasturization.
  • A coffee company created a model of their proprietary process  for removing caffeine from coffee beans.
  • A start-up company used CADSIM Plus to design a large scale algae growing and processing system. CADSIM Plus was used to model the plant-wide systems, determine the growth cycles and develop control and operating strategies, as well as determining energy requirements.

CADSIM comes standard with a comprehensive library of generic unit operations that are suitable for a wide range of water-based food processing industries. In addition, our optional Power Library is useful for energy related modeling, such as steam production.

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