Mineral Processing

Mineral ProcessingCADSIM Plus has strong support for aqueous and slurry process chemistry, which has benefits for the mineral processing industries. CADSIM Plus is well suited to model changing ore grades, scheduling optimization, optimizing set-points, predicting equilibrium, and evaluating process upsets.

CADSIM Plus includes a comprehensive set of generic process modules in its Standard Library package. In addition, we currently have a some specialized modules for zinc processing (additional modules are currently being developed):

  • Electrowinning and leaching of zinc

Aurel has participated in a cooperative development program with the University of British Columbia, HudBay, and Glencore, who have benefited from ground-breaking research into electrowinning modeling for zinc processing. CADSIM Plus has been used for dynamic simulations of zinc cell houses, control studies, optimization, and complete mass & energy balance around zinc plants.

In addition, CADSIM Plus is well-suited for studying high water consumption, modeling disturbances, designing control solutions, studying reagent consumption, tracking impurities and modeling water balances.

The following video shows a development example of linking between OLI’s Electrolyte Simulation Software and CADSIM Plus working together to predict pH control performance in a neutralization reactor

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