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Pulp and paper - digester

Aurel Systems was founded with a specific focus on the Pulp & Paper industries. Our original CAD graphics front-end for MASSBAL made it possible to use a detailed engineering drawing as the basis for a process simulation model.

CADSIM has since evolved into a complete and comprehensive suite of software that provides steady-state and dynamic process simulation products and services for Pulp and Paper mills, consultants, researchers and equipment suppliers. Many consultants and mill engineers believe that CADSIM Plus is the best pulp and paper simulator available.

CADSIM Plus includes a comprehensive set of generic process modules in it base package. In addition, we have two specialised libraries for Pulp and Paper:

  • The optional Fiber Library includes washers, screens, cleaners, pulper, pulp dryer, digester, O2Delig, DStage, EStage, EOPStage, sorb/desorb, shrinkage, saveall, thickener, refiner and grinders
  • The optional Power Library includes burner, turbine, compressor, ejector, steam header, steam accumulator, evaporators and recovery furnace

We have many clients in the Pulp and Paper industries including mills, consultants, research organisations and universities. CADSIM Plus has been used for many different types of projects including, bleach plant optimisation, product tracking, energy tracking and reduction, controlling brown stock washing, evaluating alternatives to meet large steam demand swings using dynamic simulation, debottlenecking, greenfield mill design, capital expenditure due-diligence studies, etc. etc.

Here are just a few of the solutions that were made possible by the use of CADSIM Plus dynamic process simulation software:

Click here to see some screenshots of pulp and paper drawings that have been created using CADSIM Plus.

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