Intelligent Energy Tracking

Aurel offers Intelligent Energy Solutions (IES) that can help you track your energy usage while offering opportunities to explore and manage ways of reducing and/or offsetting your plant-wide energy costs in medium to large industrial operations such as pulp and paper mills that may have co-generation opportunities.

Pulp & Paper Cogeneration

Aurel can create customized tools that allow you to monitor energy consumption in real-time, manage fuel choices, explore co-generation opportunities and determine production scheduling vs. energy generation priorities. Aurel's IES can help turn your energy data into actionable information.

Aurel's IES system can perform real-time energy monitoring and optimization duties. Our IES tools are based on first-principles models and reconciled plant data.

Real-time energy monitoring provides the following benefits:

  • Correct energy flow measurements in real time
  • Understand your plant-wide energy data
  • Balance energy flows
  • Calculate unmeasured KPIs
  • Produce trusted energy reports
  • Report inaccurate process measurements
  • Predict next operating conditions
  • Visualize, analyze and report energy data

On-line energy optimization provides the following benefits:

  • Real-time energy auditing
  • Process energy optimization
  • Demand/supply management & optimization
  • Rating of process operating scenarios
  • Statistical analysis, monitoring and reporting
  • Offline tools for what-if scenario analysis
  • Contract compliance forecasting

Why choose Aurel's IES solutions?

Complete and accurate plant-wide CADSIM Plus heat and energy balances drive our proprietary Dynamic Data Reconciliation system, which corrects inaccurate process measurements and fills in missing process data. The system runs in real-time, providing live information that can be updated every five minutes.

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