Dynamic Data Reconciliation

Without data reconciliation, our historical data often gave us a skewed or incomplete picture of how our process was operating. DDR allows us to get the complete picture and to make better planning and operating decisions more quickly.

Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR) is a proprietary Aurel technology which you can use to correct inaccurately measured plant data, and calculate process data for unmeasured parameters in your process in close to real time. Reconciled data can be stored in your data historian and used as the basis for many different kinds of advanced, online applications to help you reduce operating costs and improve product quality.


Cogeneration PlantDDR can be used with an OPC connection to allow a CADSIM Plus dynamic simulation model to obtain data live from a process DCS or process historian, and then run the simulation to balance the process and predict certain outcomes, or to monitor the process. Resulting simulation values could then be put by CADSIM Plus into a spreadsheet for further analysis, or put back to a separate set of DCS tags for the operator to review.

Data that is obtained from measurements performed on a process can be unreliable for any number of reasons, including:

  • Measurement instruments are broken, out of calibration, off-line or vary in accuracy across a range of operating conditions
  • Data is incomplete or unknown because measurement instruments have not been installed in some areas
  • Some measurements are suspect or known to be outside a reasonable range for the current operating conditions
  • Some parameters are difficult or impossible to measure in real time on a running process

DDR provides a mechanism for setting reasonable ranges and other criteria for data that is brought into a simulation model. It also allows you to weight data to indicate the degree of trust that you have for any given measurement. The resulting process simulation model allows you to balance and 'fill in the gaps' in your data in real time and in parallel with a running process.

What can DDR do for you?

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