Software Updates

Since the release of CADSIM Plus v2.7 program updates are now obtained directly from within CADSIM Plus. Open CADSIM Plus and then click Help > Check for Updates... and follow the instructions provided.

Legacy Software Updates (CADSIM Plus older than v2.7)

The following links will allow you to access the latest CADSIM Plus updates for your legacy software. In order to access these links, you will need a user I.D. and password.CADSIM Plus Software Updates

To obtain a user I.D. and password, please contact Aurel and include your company name, CADSIM product, and serial number (four digits on the original disk(s) or on a tag on your USB key). We will e-mail your I.D. and password. Response time may vary, depending on whether the request is received during offices hours (P.S.T.).


  • Only download and install the options that you are licensed to use. You will not be able to run software that you are not licensed for.
  • Do not install both the Standard (full version) and Runtime (no drawing mode) updates on the same workstation (don't install Runtime unless that is what you are using).
  • You cannot upgrade from an older version to a newer version of CADSIM Plus by installing these updates. Your CADSIM Plus installation will stop working and you will have to reinstall from your original CDROM.