SmartCalc Performance Accelerator

Split Range Controller ExampleCADSIM Plus's SmartCalcâ„¢ accelerates both process simulation calculation and results display. SmartCalc manages flowsheet calculations to speed up runtime performance. Calculation times can be an order of magnitude faster than what is possible with any other process simulator.

SmartCalc is a combination of more than 10 proprietary technologies that were developed for CADSIM Plus by Aurel Systems. These new technologies work together to boost runtime performance of simulation calculations and results display. Specifically:

  • Lengthy calculations are only performed if they are required - and then, only if the executive program has detected changes to their input values
  • Careful coding of graphical routines allows Living Drawings with dozens, or even hundreds of animations, to perform exceptionally fast
  • Live displays of hundreds, or even thousands of separate simulation results can be displayed more than 10 times faster using SmartCalc, than with conventional graphic technologies

So how fast is CADSIM Plus? CADSIM Plus can run a real mill area flowsheet featuring dozens of stream components running through hundreds of equipment units on an entry-level PC computer at more than 17,000 times faster than real time. That would allow you to observe the next 12.5 days of scheduled operation in approximately 1 minute of real time.

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