Living Drawings

Living Drawings™ technology allows you to create a simulation model by drawing a process flowsheet. Anything that you can draw can be interpreted into a process simulation model by CADSIM Plus.

CAD mode:

CADSIM Plus includes a CAD interface which allows you to draw a process flowsheet. An expert system has the process "smarts" to interpret the drawing you create, into a simulation. Drawings look exactly as you wish to present them. We call this 'free-format' drawing. CADSIM Plus also includes a large library of drawing parts, but unlike icon-based simulators, anything that you have drawn can easily be made into a part for future use. CADSIM Plus supports any level of drawing complexity from a simple block diagram to a detailed engineering drawing. CAD capabilities are especially suitable for detailed P&ID, P&C or logic-type drawings.

Runtime mode:

Shortcut PID ControllerCADSIM Plus includes an ‘electronic flowsheet' runtime mode interface. The original CADSIM drawing that you created is automatically transformed into an interactive and animated simulation tool. CADSIM Plus Living Drawings™ allow you to change conditions while the simulated process is running. Simulation results (numbers and text) can be formatted in any way at any location on the drawing. Results are automatically updated with each simulation iteration. Strip charts are used to log dynamic response. A single click on any drawing object gives you access to runtime functions such as controller settings and set-points. Any graphical object can be animated to show tank levels, pump on/off conditions, valves open/closed, motor status, species or temperature change with changing colors, etc.

Many of the runtime features are created for you automatically. The stream specification icons that you placed on the drawing to describe the process, automatically become default PID controllers, with intelligent default settings that are chosen to fit the situation. The entire CAD drawing becomes a point-and-click interface for accessing simulation data.

With CADSIM Plus, you get the best of both worlds - full CAD drawings for hard copy and sophisticated runtime simulation interactivity. Don't waste time repeating work in different ways with different software for different purposes -- do it all with CADSIM Plus!

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