Product Tracking

Aurel's Advanced Product Tracking (APT) products and services are designed to help operators and managers track product changes through continuously operated processes, even on a mill-wide basis. APT is a customized solution that helps visualize product transitions, taking into account the retention time and mixing in storage tanks and other process equipment. APT enables proactive decision-making and operational strategy development based on real time modeling of the actual transition at each stage of the process.


This solution allows operators, managers and others to track transitions through a process (plant-wide) in real time. Normally, it is difficult to accurately track transitions due to the typical error found in most plant instrumentation. However, Aurel's APT uses our proprietary Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR) to supply baseline data. Consequently, it is not affected by plant instrument errors.Product Tracking Model

Online monitoring of product transitions makes it possible for operators to make process changes at the correct time. It can reduce raw material consumption and the amount of off-spec product that is produced during the transition. In addition, APT provides a means to accurately track product costs and is a useful tool for process analysis as well as assisting with customer quality control.

Beneficiaries of APT customized solutions would include plant operators, process managers and others who work in production, maintenance, process analysis, planning and accounting departments.

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