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Links to v2.7 File Downloads and Support Information (clients only)

The following links will take you to pages where you can access the latest CADSIM Plus module libraries and support information. In order to access these links, you will need a user I.D. and password.

To obtain a user I.D. and password, please contact Aurel and include your company name, CADSIM product, and serial number (four digits on the original disk(s) or on the copy protection device). We will e-mail your I.D. and password. Response time may vary, depending on whether the request is received during offices hours (P.S.T.).


CADSIM Plus v2.7 Updates

Note: A program updater is now built into CADSIM Plus

With the release of CADSIM Plus v2.7 program updates are now obtained directly from within CADSIM Plus. Open CADSIM Plus and then click Help > Check for Updates... and follow the instructions provided.

Miscellaneous Downloads

OPC Client Setup Instructions for Windows XP SP2
AutoCAD Utility for Annotating Drawings with Simulation Results

Version History


Version History - CADSIM Plus
CADSIM Plus 2.7 New Features Added

CADSIM Plus Optional Libraries

Version History - Power Library for CADSIM Plus
Version History - Fiber Library for CADSIM Plus
Version History - Hydrocarbon Processing (HyProc) Library for CADSIM Plus
Version History - Hydrocarbon Processing (HyProc) Physical Properties Database for CADSIM Plus
Version History - AutoCAD Utilities


Note: Version History documents are lists of what changes were made at what time, along with the major and minor version numbers of each release.






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