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Special Offers

Upgrade your CADSIM Plus software to version 2.7 at the regular price and renew your Maintenance & Support contract for half price. Here are a few of the new features that you will be getting when you upgrade to the latest version of CADSIM Plus:

  • Improved TOWER module (new stock tracking abilities)
  • Improved HIGH DENSITY STORAGE module (new stock tracking abilities)
  • A new Differential Evolution optimization module has been added to the Standard Library of process modules.
  • The CADSIM external optimizer (which can launch CADSIM Plus and run it remotely to perform a variety of optimization tasks) has been improved with a new keyword-based configuration file and new Differential Evolution optimization methods.
  • A new mechanism for modeling chemical reactions allows multiple reactions to be contained in a single specification icon that is placed on the unit to eliminate specification clutter. Reactions are presented to users as equations with some parameters available for tuning at runtime.
  • New Find End of Line utility allows you to automatically locate either end of a selected process line in drawing mode and in simulation mode
  • New Go To Coordinates utility helps you locate the cause of runtime error messages
  • New built-in Update from Web function allows easier location and installation of program updates
  • New zooming and panning functions allow the use the scroll wheel on the mouse to pan and zoom the drawing
  • Lock aspect ratio when inserting parts makes it easier to maintain the parts original height to width ratio when scaling a part
  • Customizable On/Off dialog box allows you to add keywords to customize the runtime labels of the MOMENTARY on/off switch

This is a great opportunity for you get the latest CADSIM Plus software, while automatically receiving future upgrades and technical support at a reduced price. But act now, because this offer is only valid for a limited time.

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