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Special Offers

Upgrade your CADSIM Plus software to version 3.0 at the regular price and renew your Maintenance & Support contract for half price. Here are a few of the new features that you will be getting when you upgrade to the latest version of CADSIM Plus:

  • New multi-document interface allows you to develop individual drawings/models which can be run separately and and as group with no modifications
  • New ConnectIn and ConnectOut units for the the multi-document interface allow inter-connectivity between drawings/models, including on-the-fly unit conversion and process interchange capabilities
  • Enhancements to our proprietary Dynamic Data Reconciliation
  • New plant-wide product tracking capabilities allow you to see exactly where grade changes are occurring in your process in real time
  • Improved High Density, Tower, Tank and Mixer units incorporate the ability to pass product layering, retention time and product age information across multiplier units
  • Improved Pump (added affinity laws)
  • Improved Pipe, Pump and Valve (calculate outlet pressure when PRESSURE is not a stream variable)

This is a great opportunity for you get the latest CADSIM Plus software, while automatically receiving future upgrades and technical support at a reduced price. But act now, because this offer is only valid for a limited time.

Contact Aurel for a quotation today.

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