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Services Overview

The Aurel team are considered experts in dynamic process modeling. With more than 40 years of combined simulation modeling and chemical engineering experience, we can insure that your process modeling challenges will always yield valuable data and solutions. We can save you time and money.

Aurel offers a full line of simulation-related engineering services. These include just-in-time and dynamic process modeling, and advanced online application development based on our proprietary Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR). DDR-based online applications provide advanced capabilities that help our clients understand, correct, reconcile, track and optimize processes in real time.

Our software-related services include and training and custom unit module development.

Dynamic Simulation Modeling

Aurel can assist you with dynamic simulation modeling services. We can support your modeling efforts by supplying just-in-time assistance on an hourly basis (to help you with a specific modeling task) or we can provide turn-key models of complete processes, or anything in between.

Dynamic Data Reconciliation

Aurel's unique Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR) ensures that the online applications that we develop for you will yield complete, accurate and actionable data for better process control, optimization and accounting.

Product Tracking

Aurel's Advanced Product Tracking (APT) products and services are designed to help operators and managers track product changes through continuously operated processes.

Energy Tracking

Aurel offers Intelligent Energy Solutions (IES) that can help you track your energy usage while offering opportunities to explore and manage ways of reducing and/or offsetting your plant-wide energy costs in medium to large industrial operations such as pulp and paper mills that may have co-generation opportunities.

CADSIM Plus Training

We can arrange on-site training, online training by the hour or you can attend one of our scheduled training opportunities at or near our offices in Vancouver, BC.

Custom Module Development

In addition to modeling services, Aurel can develop customized process modules, the building blocks of our CADSIM Plus dynamic process simulator. Use this service to develop simulator objects which exactly match process equipment that you wish to model. This service is of particular interest to suppliers.


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