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Aurel Systems can offer various levels of process modeling assistance using CADSIM Plus dynamic process simulation. Larry Wasik (P.Eng.) is ideally suited to manage this application development service. Mr. Wasik has 30 years experience in process simulation. This includes 8 years working as a Process Engineer and Assistant Technical Manager at the CANFOR Port Mellon, BC pulp mill, and 15 years as a Senior Process Engineer and Plant-Wide Process Manager at H.A. Simons Ltd. consulting engineers.

Aurel specializes in just-in-time process simulation modeling assistance. We can assist your modeling efforts in a variety of ways:

CADSIM Plus TrainingClarifyer Sample Part

We can arrange on-site training, in which students work on a process simulation model that they provide. This hands-on training ensures that relevant skills are developed in areas of interest of each student, and that working simulations developed during the training are immediately useful. Training is generally 3 days in length. Contact Aurel for more information.

Just-In-Time Modeling Assistance

Aurel can provide you with as little, or as much assistance as required to get your modeling efforts off to a good start - or over a rough spot. We charge on an hourly basis - no job is too small.

Turnkey Simulations

Aurel is dedicated to providing the tools and support necessary for our clients to gain in-house expertise in simulation modeling. However, some projects may require specialized skills and experience that goes beyond the scope of in-house experience. In these cases, Aurel is well-positioned to facilitate the development of turnkey simulations and applications that are ready for your study and analysis.

Data Reconciliation

Aurel can facilitate on-line application development for data reconciliation, quality prediction / soft sensors, process visualization and product quality tracking.

Custom Module Development

In addition to modeling services, Aurel can develop customized process modules, the building blocks of our CADSIM Plus dynamic process simulator. Use this service to develop simulator objects which exactly match process equipment that you wish to model. This service is of particular interest to suppliers.



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