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Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Process Simulator

Who offers the most modern simulation technology?Sample Flash Part

  1. What do stream-based specifications and FlexSpec™ technology allow me to do, that other simulators don't - and why is this important to me?
  2. How does an object-oriented, Open System Systems Architecture enhance the range of options for my process models?
  3. What simulator delivers the fastest growing library of fully dynamic process modules?
  4. What are Living Drawings™ and how do they help me visualize and interact with my data by combining engineering drawings with a point-and-click interface?
  5. Does this simulator have the SmartCalc™ runtime performance accelerator?
  6. What process simulator has no limits on the number of variables, components and animations that I can use in my model?
  7. What modeling tool allows me to choose the scope and complexity for my process simulation models by allowing them to evolve from steady state to dynamic - even with zones of pressure flow networks?

Who offers hands-on, project oriented, on-site training?

  1. Is customized "just-in-time" training available?
  2. Can I train by working on projects that I provide during CADSIM Plus training?

Who offers the best product support?

  1. Who is dedicated to helping me become self-sufficient in creating my own process models?
  2. Who offers one year support and updates at no extra cost?



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