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Applications Partnership with Clean Technology Solutions Pty Ltd.

Aurel Systems has entered into an Applications Partnership with Clean Technology Solutions Pty Ltd. of Melbourne Australia. Clean Technology Solutions plan to develop a library of water and wastewater treatment (recycle /disposal) operations modules to run on Aurel's CADSIM Plus process simulation platform. This new library of process modules will be based on CTS's own proprietary technologies. In addition, they plan to offer process engineering services, and to support and facilitate distribution of CADSIM Plus licenses to clients. Innovative web-based services are also in the planning stages.

David Harris"We've chosen CADSIM Plus as the best value-for-money, general purpose, simulator available for the pulp and paper industry" said Mr. David Harris, Director of Clean Technology Solutions. He goes on to say, "...the features of CADSIM Plus that attracted us are similarly regarded by others." Mr. Harris listed some of those features:

  • "CADSIM Plus is a powerful tool for process engineers doing process design, control strategy development, quality prediction, prediction of future process conditions, balancing flowsheets, chemical balances, energy balances, training and scheduling, as well as troubleshooting and searching for solutions to dynamic control or process stability problems in the plant."
  • "CADSIM Plus is an affordable, stand-alone, full-featured dynamic simulator that can also be used for steady state process flow balances."
  • "CADSIM Plus automatically does all the heat and material balances. Steam, relative humidity, pulp and liquor properties are included."
  • "Modules such as tanks, heaters, exchangers, controllers, logic blocks, etc. are all provided as standard tools and there are extensive libraries of power and pulp & paper industry modules available."
  • "Additional components can easily be tracked."
  • "Its compact and efficient code gives it a robustness and an ability to operate under Windows on "ordinary" PC's, at excellent speeds."Clean Technology Solutions
  • "Its familiar graphical runtime interface (it's simply the P&I drawing - only now "alive") makes it a friendly tool for engineers, technicians and operators alike. It also has export capability to AutoCAD etc."
  • "Its flexibility allows easy changes to operating conditions and configurations without high costs and delays."
  • "Its ability to accept downloaded data from mill DCS systems and Aurel's current development of realtime DCS interfaces expand its abilities to contribute to pre-tuning and training operations."
  • "CADSIM Plus's ability to interface to Excel makes it an excellent general purpose tool where post-analysis of data is required (in particular where financial data allows the involvement of accounting staff)."

"We are very excited about this opportunity to combine areas of expertise." said Aurel's President, Mr. Larry Wasik "A library of waste water treatment modules will open up new markets for our products and services."

For more information, contact:

Clean Technology Solutions Pty Ltd.

P.O. Box 389
Deepdene 3103
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ph: +613 9836 4433
Fax: +613 9836 2964

Mobile:0418 559 122 or 0407 358 541

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