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CADSIM Plus Process Simulation

CADSIM Plus - RuntimeCADSIM Plus is an easy-to-use, complete, process simulation platform, which allows the user to quickly create a process flowsheet drawing -- and a process simulation model -- all at the same time. It is a single tool that can both balance process flowsheets, and portray dynamic conditions. CADSIM Plus performs precise heat and material balances of any chemical process. It can be used for design, to find solutions for process bottlenecks, to track potential quality control problems, to refine process waste management strategies, to improve process efficiencies, to train operators: the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The CADSIM Plus expert system has the process 'smarts' to interpret the drawing you create into a simulation model. You can create drawings that look exactly the way you wish to present them. We call this 'free-format' drawing. CADSIM Plus supports any level of drawing complexity, from a simple block diagram, to a detailed P&C or P&ID engineering drawing. At runtime, CADSIM Plus brings these drawings to life using animations and point-and-click functions, so that you can run and interact with your flowsheet model.

CADSIM Plus brochure (PDF)

CADSIM with Coach for Steady State Simulation

Please contact Aurel to find out more about converting old CADSIM and CADSIM with Coach balances, to the CADSIM Plus simulation platform.

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