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CADSIMulator Newsletters

The CADSIMulator newsletter is published periodically by Aurel Systems. It contains stories of interest clients and potential clients of Aurel and users of CADSIM Plus process simulation products and services. It is distributed in print via regular mail and is also available online. If you would like to be added to the newsletter mailing list, please contact Aurel.

Note: online issues of CADSIMulator are available in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view these .PDF files.

Current Issue

Issue 9

CADSIMulator 9 features a story about Advanced Product Tracking:

  • Advanced Product Tracking can improve your bottom line (read more...)
  • Tech Corner: Using CADSIM's new multi-document interface (read more...)

Past Issues

Issue 8

CADSIMulator 8 a story about Intelligent Energy Solutions and BC Hydro incentives programs:

Issue 7

CADSIMulator 7 features a summary of a paper about a major research project:

  • CADSIM Plus is being used in a integrated forest biorefinery research project (read more...)
  • Tech Corner: Using the Autotune controller tuning wizard (read more...)

Issue 6

CADSIMulator 6 features an interview with Larry Wasik, president of Aurel Systems:

  • We asked Larry Wasik to tell us a bit about the future direction of Aurel and its products and services (read more...)
  • Tech Corner: How to create a computer-based training/reference manual that is linked to a CADSIM Plus drawing (read more...)

Issue 5

CADSIMulator 5 features a couple of client success stories:

  • New dynamic data reconciliation technology provides an accurate energy accounting at Catalyst's Crofton, BCMill (read more...)
  • Tembec is implementing a new dynamic data reconciliation systems at their Specialty Cellulose mill in Temiscaming, QC (read more...)

Issue 4

CADSIMulator 4 features a couple of client success stories:

  • Newstech PA uses CADSIM Plus to redesign a paper recycling plant (read more...)
  • An Australian dairy company cuts their energy bill with simulation (read more...)
  • Tech Corner: Markup and export your CADSIM Plus drawing to Adobe Acrobat PDF format (read more...)

Issue 3

CADSIMulator 3 covers several universities use of CADSIM Plus in their innovative research and application work:

Issue 2

CADSIMulator, second edition, has a consultant focus:

  • Duncan Industrial Engineering wins an Engineering Award (read more...)
  • Beca offers CADSIM Plus P&C diagrams (read more...)
  • Neill & Gunter finds silica solution using CADSIM Plus (read more...)
  • NLK Consultants link CADSIM Plus to DCS (read more...)
  • Tech Corner: Pipe friction of flowing pulp suspensions (read more...)

Issue 1

The first edition of the CADSIMulator newsletter contains stories with a mill focus:

  • Spruce Falls study leads to energy savings (read more...)
  • Energy reduction study at Harmac Pulp Operations (read more...)
  • Tech Corner: Linking CADSIM Plus to mill data (read more...)


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