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May, 2014

Aurel Systems is pleased to announce that CADSIM Plus v2.7 is now shipping. This version includes new (optional) bleach plant modules for the Fiber Library, enhancements to the TOWER and HIGH DENSITY modules for stock tracking, new comprehensive mechanisms for adding chemical reactions to select unit modules, improved process optimization tools and much more. Read more...

June, 2012

Aurel Systems is pleased to announce that CADSIM Plus v2.6 is now shipping. This version includes a large number of improvements, including an enhanced TANK unit, comprehensive chemical compound editor (for defining your own compounds) a process optimization tool and much more. Read more...

April, 2010

Aurel Systems is pleased to announce that CADSIM Plus v2.5 is now shipping. This version includes a large number of improvements, including an Autotune Wizard that automates the Lambda tuning method of tuning controllers, support for interactive computer-based training and reference manuals, and much more. Read more...

February, 2007

Aurel Systems is pleased to announce that CADSIM Plus v2.4 is now shipping. This version includes a large number of improvements, including an optional hydrocarbon processing library, optional dynamic data reconciliation library, new math and statistical stream functions, vapour-liquid equilibrium capabilities and much more. Read more...

December, 2004

An article by Georges Edouard Alexis of Newstech PA was published in Control Magazine in November 2004. This article titled, Dynamic Simulation Aids Recycling Plant Redesign recounts Alexis's experiences using CADSIM Plus in-house to redesign a failed Deinking Pulp Mill.


A poor design and high consumption costs shut this Pennsylvania paper recycling plant down, but an in-house implementation of full, dynamic process simulation got it all tuned up for a successful restart.

Read the article...

Georges Edouard Alexis is a Project/Plant Engineer for Newstech PA LP, based in Northampton Pa. Since his graduation from West Virginia University in 2001 with a BS in Chemical Engineering, he has been managing and implementing projects in the Pulp & Paper industry. He’s been involved in the design and construction of a roofing paper mill in Tuscaloosa, Ala. and has been directly involved in several mill acquisition due diligence studies. He is now working on the redesign of a newly acquired Deinking Pulp Mill.

October 23, 2003

Aurel is pleased to announce that CADSIM Plus v2.3 is now available. CADSIM Plus v2.3 includes new unit modules such as Thermal Pinch runtime energy analysis, and several new methods of connecting your CADSIM Plus simulations to other software and hardware, such as COM, OPC, and Umetrics SimcaQP connection methods.

For more information on how you can upgrade your CADSIM, CADSIM with Coach and CADSIM Plus to the new CADSIM Plus v2.3, please contact us. Read more...

August, 2003

CADSIM Plus is now one of the most widely-used process simulation tools in the pulp and paper industries. Since introducing CADSIM Plus in 1995, Aurel Systems has delivered more than 912 full licenses to consulting engineering companies, mills, research institutions and universities. In addition, more than 106 runtime versions of CADSIM Plus have been delivered. CADSIM Plus is used daily in 18 countries throughout the world.

CADSIM Plus is an emerging standard for engineering research and education. Approximately 39 universities and research institutions use CADSIM Plus for research and classroom instruction in their engineering and graduate student programmes.

See our client list for more information.

October 25, 2002

CADSIM Plus v2.2 is now available. For more information on how you can upgrade your CADSIM, CADSIM with Coach and CADSIM Plus to the new CADSIM Plus v2.2, please contact us. Read more...

Press Release - May 27, 2002

Aurel Systems Signs Corporate-Wide Agreement with Tembec. CADSIM Plus Process Simulation Software to be deployed in all Tembec Mills

VANCOUVER, May 27, 2002 -- Aurel Systems Inc. today announced that it has signed a three-year, corporate-wide lease agreement with Tembec Inc. to place its CADSIM Plus dynamic process simulation software in all 14 of Tembec's pulp and paper mills, and in Tembec's Corporate Office in Temiscaming, QC. Under the agreement, Aurel will provide the CADSIM Plus software, plus an annual allotment of training and engineering consulting time, to be used at the discretion of Tembec.

Tembec is a leading integrated Canadian forest products company principally involved in the production of wood products, market pulp and papers. With annual sales over $3 billion dollars, Tembec operates more than 50 manufacturing units in Canada, France, and the United States. These include the mills where CADSIM Plus is to be deployed: Marathon Pulp, Skookumchuck, Smooth Rock Falls, Tembec Saint-Gaudens, Tembec Tarascon, Tembec Matane, Temcell, AV Cell, Specialty Cellulose, Tembec Tartas, Pine Falls, St. Francisville, Saint-Raymond, and Spruce Falls. Tembec employs approximately 10,000 people.

"Tembec has a mandate to develop vendor partnerships which consistently meet our quality, service and price requirements," said Mark Champagne, Process Optimization Manager for Tembec. "Our successful field evaluations of the CADSIM Plus process simulator have satisfied us that Aurel's software and services are a valuable asset that will assist us in meeting our objectives of continuous improvement of processes and product quality and energy efficiency, while honouring our commitment to environmental responsibility. We look forward to partnering with Aurel in the development of new applications, in which CADSIM Plus will be linked to our mill control and information systems, to provide control and operational enhancements."

"CADSIM Plus offers Tembec extensive dynamic process modeling capabilities that are easy to use, comprehensive, and cost effective," said Larry S. Wasik, President of Aurel Systems Inc. "Tembec has the reputation of being a progressive company that uses new technologies to great advantage. We are very excited about partnering with Tembec in the continued development of state of the art tools for engineering design, problem evaluation, case study, and operator training and assistance. Aurel's planned advancements in on-line operations and control have the potential of revolutionizing the way that mills are operated."

Aurel Background

Founded in 1977, Aurel Systems began developing software for chemical process engineers in 1983. The CADSIM line of engineering software products offers the unique ability to create detailed CAD engineering drawings, while building first-principal based heat and material models at the same. CADSIM Plus, Aurel's third generation dynamic process simulator, has been successfully marketed to more than 100 client companies and institutions, in more than 22 countries. Information on Aurel Systems's products and services can be found at

SOURCE: Aurel Systems Incorporated; Tembec Incorporated
CONTACT: Larry S. Wasik of Aurel Systems Inc., +1 604.299.7707

Note: This Press Release contains forward-looking statements that are based upon Aurel's business plans. CADSIM is a registered trademark of Aurel Systems Inc.

Simsight - January, 2002

Read the first issue of Clean Technology Solutions's Simsight Newsletter (in Adobe Acrobat format - 602 K), which includes news and discussions of process engineering improvements through the application of Cleaner Production Principles, and advancments in engineering technology, including applications work using the CADSIM Plus process simulator.

CADSIM Plus Water Model To Optimise Efficiency & Lower Costs at Tarong Power Station

A new predictive water balance simulation model, which is designed to optimise efficiencies and lower costs, is being employed by one of Queensland’s leading energy producers at its Tarong Power Station. Tarong Energy has commissioned leading consulting firm, Sinclair Knight Merz, to develop the model. When completed, the model will enable Tarong Energy to optimise the efficiency and maximise the cost effectiveness of the water supply and circulation system at its Tarong Power Station. Read more...

January, 2002

CADSIM Plus v2.1 is now shipping. For more information on how you can upgrade your CADSIM, CADSIM with Coach and CADSIM Plus to the new CADSIM Plus v2.1, please contact us. Read more...

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