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Chemical Process Simulation for Process Engineers

Aurel Systems authors and markets chemical process simulation software. Our tools are used by chemical process engineers to...

  • Visualize plant processes
  • Perform heat and material balances of process flowsheets
  • Design new plants, or modifications and expansions to, existing plants
  • Help engineers to develop a better understanding of how their plants really operate
  • Reduce costs and increase profits
  • Predict operating efficiencies and anticipate problems
  • Trouble-shoot process and control problems
  • Assist operators to plan for production changes and disruptions using online applications
  • Train operators

Aurel's process simulation software solutions have benefited industries such as pulp and paper, mining, waste water treatment and food processing. Aurel process simulation products are low in cost, and high in ROI. Our technologies are unique and are the best in the business. Aurel's experience in process simulation spans more than 30 years. Our customer service is second to none.

In addition to software sales, Aurel Systems provides many services, including training, modeling, custom simulation module development, and chemical engineering consulting expertise.

New version now available: CADSIM Plus v2.7

Some of the new & improved features of v2.7 include...

  • New Reactions Method makes it easier to set up, edit and review chemical reactions in your model
  • New Bleach Plant Modules: O2 Delignification, D, E and EOP towers (with built in reactions) included with the optional Fiber Library
  • New Bleach Plant Model included with optional Fiber Library
  • New Stock Tracking options in Tower, High-D and Bleach Plant modules
  • Improved Process Optimization methods: new DEOPTIM module and improved external optimizer

...and much more. See the complete list of new features...


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