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CADSIM Plus v2.6

Aurel Systems is pleased to announce that CADSIM Plus v2.6, our premier chemical process simulation tool, is now shipping. Upgrades from previous versions of CADSIM Plus are now available for purchase. Contact Aurel for more information.

CADSIM Plus is a third-generation process modeling tool which features an advanced drawing and modeling interface. CADSIM Plus combines the power of CAD drawing with the ease-of-use of today's technical diagramming tools.

CADSIM Plus brochure (PDF)

User-created Compounds and Chemical Properties Overrides

  • A new compound editor for overriding the chemical properties of CADSIM Plus Standard and optional HyProc libraries of compounds
  • The new compound editor can also be used to create user-defined chemical compounds with user-defined names
  • The compound editor automatically generates all of the XML code required to create overrides (you no longer have to edit the XML manually) and that XML code is automatically included in the current drawing file.
  • You can also export/import overrides and new compounds into other CADSIM Plus drawing files.


  • The new compound editor replaces and enhances the former physical properties override mechanism that was available in v2.4 and v2.5 of CADSIM Plus.

Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR)

  • Added new Kalman and Haar Wavelet filter types to DDR measurements
  • Improved DDR convergence performance and reliability
  • Added ability to allow over-specification of the Header unit to assist DDR convergence
  • New automation and acceleration features that will allow DDR to be used as the basis for enhanced online optimization applications

New & Improved Standard Library Unit Modules

  • Improved Tank (Chest) unit now includes chemical reactions, ability to solve local dynamic recycle loops and new height calculations for cylindrical, spherical, conical and vertical tank shapes
  • New Recycle unit provides dynamic correction of recycled mass and energy flows
  • Improved Transport Lag unit is to provide new calculated mass variables
  • Improved PID Controller to allow connection to other units via Signal streams
  • New Tracker unit calculates running averages of information with peaks

HyProc Library (optional)

  • New (with optional HyProc library) Winn-Underwood-Gilliland (WUG) shortcut distillation column for rapid column prototyping
  • Improved Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) calculations

HyProc Physical Properties Database (optional)

  • Added approximately 1500 new chemical compounds to the optional HyProc database of chemical compounds

Automation / Optimization

  • New methods and technologies implemented to enhance opportunities for process integration using CADSIM Plus runtime tools and features
  • New CADSIM Optimizer launches and controls CADSIM Plus to produce targeted optimized specification scenarios for a process model

New Example Bleach Plant Towers Model

  • New bleach plant model located in My CADSIM\Samples\Fiber\Bleach Plant Tower Example folder (note, requires the optional Fiber Library to be installed).

If you have been searching for a single tool that balances process flowsheets, portrays dynamic conditions, produces presentation quality graphics, and P&ID (P&C) drawings - and is easy to learn and use - then search no more! Contact Aurel for more information.

Multi-user Installation

Updated Windows Installers now allow CADSIM Plus to be installed for All Users of a workstation. In addition to placing program shortcuts in all user's Start menus and on their desktops, the installer performs the following actions:

  • Places registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and copies those entries to HKEY_CURRENT_USER if none are found there when CADSIM Plus is run for the first time in the current user's profile. This allows CADSIM Plus to find all of its constituent parts and settings under any user profile.
  • Places a full copy of all of the sample drawings, sample parts and user settings files (My CADSIM folder and contents) into the installing user's Personal Folder, as well as in the Common Files Folder (eg. c:\Program Files\Common Files\Aurel Systems\CADSIM Plus\My CADSIM). The first time that CADSIM Plus is run in a new user's profile, it will prompt the user to copy the contents of the My CADSIM folder to the current user's Personal Folder. This gives each user their own custom settings and copies of the sample drawings and parts.
  • A new menu item has been added (File > Copy sample drawings & parts...) which performs the My CADSIM folder copy operation on demand.
  • The optional HyProc Physical Properties Database has been moved to the Common App Data Folder (eg. c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Aurel Systems\CADSIM Plus\DB). This folder is created to be shareable and writable by all users on a workstation. This prevents the database file from becoming virtualized (and duplicated) to local user's Personal Folders under Windows 7.


  • Add user-defined titles to multi-variable charts
  • Right-click variables in runtime unit and stream information dialog boxes to quickly create a new chart or to add a new variable to an existing chart


Published: 01-Jun-12
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