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CADSIM Plus v2.4

Aurel Systems is pleased to announce that CADSIM Plus v2.4, our premier chemical process simulation tool, is now shipping. Upgrades from CADSIM Plus v2.3, v2.2, v2.1, CADSIM Plus 2000, CADSIM Plus v1.x and CADSIM with Coach are now available for purchase. Contact Aurel for more information.

CADSIM Plus is a third-generation process modeling tool which features an advanced drawing and modeling interface. CADSIM Plus combines the power of CAD drawing with the ease-of-use of today's technical diagramming tools.

CADSIM Plus brochure (PDF)

New & Improved Unit Modules

  • Added multiple reactions and kinetics to Tube/Tower and Hi Density modules
  • Added pressure flow network capabilities to Tube/Tower module

New (optional) hydrocarbon processing library of process modules and associated physical properties, including:

  • Distillation column
  • Equilibrium and Gibb’s Free Energy Reactor
  • Flash
  • Compressor
  • Turbine
  • Burner
  • Gas header
  • Ejector
  • Phase splitter

New (optional) dynamic data reconciliation library:

  • Modified simplex data reconciliation
  • Penalty module

New standard library process modules:

  • Clarifier
  • Rosenbrock optimizer
  • Function generator
  • Clamp
  • Step
  • Lag
  • Sum square
  • Matrix times array with offset

New (optional) power library process module:

  • Recovery furnace

Improved multi-component Flash module for water-based or hydrocarbon applications:

  • NRTL, Wilson and E-NRTL activity coefficient methods for water-based processes
  • Peng Robinson and Soave Redlich Kwong equations of state (EOS) for physical properties, thermodynamics and flashing of hydrocarbon processes, EOS methods are modified for water

Streams & Chemistry

  • New support for VLE calculations for both hydrocarbon (optional) and water-based industries
  • New log additive stream property
  • New pH calculation
  • New ability to bind a compound to another compound in streams
  • Improved density of aqueous solutions including non-ideal behavior
  • Improved pressure flow network calculations with new reversible flow

New mathematical functions for creating derived stream variables:

  • Abs()
  • Square()
  • Sqrt()
  • Cube()
  • ln ()
  • Exp()
  • Log()
  • Pow()
  • Pow10()
  • Sign()
  • Property()

New statistical functions for creating derived stream variables:

  • Min()
  • Max()
  • Avg()
  • Std()

Physical Properties

  • New (optional) hydrocarbon physical properties database of more than 1200 components
  • New ability to assign the physical properties from one compound to another user-defined compound
  • New ability to override library physical properties with custom data via XML

online Applications

  • Improved COM capabilities for remote control of CADSIM Plus
  • Improved CADSIM Plus runtime version for online applications
  • Improved simulation performance

Operator Training

  • New (optional) ProDyn Operator Training (OTS) design and runtime interface packages
  • Improved CADSIM Plus Trainer version for OTS

Help System

  • New and improved Help files and tutorials with “Show Me How” movies
  • New display of alternative keywords selected by language choice in Help files


New integrated graphic format converter for drawing export, including:

  • PDF
  • PostScript
  • DWF
  • DXF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • Plus the ability to add mark ups

If you have been searching for a single tool that balances process flowsheets, portrays dynamic conditions, produces presentation quality graphics, and P&ID (P&C) drawings - and is easy to learn and use - then search no more! Contact Aurel for more information.


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