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CADSIM Plus is chemical process simulation software that can perform mass and energy balances and simulate dynamic conditions. It is a first-principles dynamic chemical process simulator and a full-featured Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) front-end in one package. CADSIM Plus includes a comprehensive set of generic process modules and has a number of optional module libraries for various applications.

Pulp and paper - power boilerCADSIM Plus performs precise heat and material balances of any chemical process. It can also be used to develop complex dynamic simulations with control logic and batch operations. Here is a partial list of applications:

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Here is a list of a few of the many industries that have used CADSIM Plus, along with more information about how CADSIM Plus software has saved them time and money.

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CADSIM Plus features and benefits include:

CAD Drawing Interface

 The CADSIM Plus expert system has the process 'smarts' to interpret the drawing that you create, into a simulation model. Drawings look exactly as you wish them to look. We call this 'free-format' drawing. CADSIM Plus supports any level of drawing complexity - from a simple block diagram to detailed engineering drawings. The CAD capabilities of CADSIM Plus are especially suitable for detailed P&ID, P&C or logic type drawings. CADSIM Plus Drawings can also be exported to AutoCAD® and other standard CAD programs.

Runtime Interface

CADSIM Plus has an 'electronic flowsheet' runtime simulation mode interface. The original CADSIM drawing becomes an interactive and animated simulation tool. The CADSIM Plus Living Drawings™ allow the user to change conditions while the simulated process is running.

Simulation results (numbers and text) can be formatted in any way at any location on the drawing. Results are automatically updated with each simulation iteration. Strip charts are used to log dynamic responses. A single click on any drawing object gives access to runtime functions such as the ability to change runtime controller settings and set-points.

Any graphical object can be animated. Some uses of animation include; to show tank levels, pump on/off conditions, valves open/closed, changing colors to show species or temperature change, etc.


The CADSIM Plus simulator is used by process engineers for tasks such as process design, process troubleshooting, prediction of future process conditions and searching for solutions to dynamic control or process stability problems in the plant. Some examples of dynamic simulation use in process design and operation include:

  • Process investigation and optimization:
    • process operation for optimized quality and operating costs
    • prediction of future operation; product and environmental quality
    • water management, use reduction and contamination control
    • transient condition studies
    • 'what if' studies
    • storage requirements to allow shut-down and start-up
    • contaminent build-up dynamics and inter-area cross links
    • energy studies
  • DCS checkout
  • Process control, loop tuning, and interaction with the entire process
  • Process control strategy development and model building
  • Online Dynamic Data Reconciliation applications
  • Online optimization and advanced process control applications
  • Product tracking
  • Energy tracking
Design Capabilities

Units, such as high density storage tanks, allow furnish changes to be tracked; process streams can track fiber fractions and special components such as metal ions, money, viscosity, freeness, brightness and kappa; pressure flow networks and friction losses can be used in pressure related design and control problems; a variety of controllers and PLC logic units allow simulating special control events, etc.

Return on Investment

One client claims savings of several million dollars per year in a single mill after a few days of process investigation with CADSIM Plus. Several consultants claim that they can draw a drawing faster with CADSIM Plus's flowsheet drawing capabilities than they can with general purpose CAD software packages, and at the same time they have configured a simulation, without the need of creating more than one document.

Process Modules

The CADSIM Plus drawing is interpreted using dynamically loaded libraries of simulation building blocks (equipment, controllers, logic, streams etc.). CADSIM Plus uses the SmartLink expert system to select and load the appropriate modules from the available libraries at runtime. With this mechanism, CADSIM Plus can host different types of simulation 'personalities'.

The basic CADSIM Plus package includes a complete Standard Library of controllers, process equipment, logic and calculation building blocks. There are also several Optional Libraries of modules available, including unit ops for fiber processing, power applications, and hydrocarbon and mineral processing.


CADSIM Plus is fully compatible with your CADSIM and CADSIM with Coach drawing files, making it possible to upgrade your old steady-state process simulation models to the new CADSIM Plus dynamic process simulator.

In addition, drawings with simulation results can be plotted directly from CADSIM Plus or exported to printers, plotters, AutoCAD, Intergraph, and HPGL (plotter language) devices, and in a variety of popular graphic formats, including PDF, DWF, DXF, PNG, etc.

A separate utility allows you to annotate and merge CADSIM Plus simulation results into your AutoCAD drawings.

Software Versions

CADSIM Plus is available in three versions. The Full Version allows you to create simulation drawings and run them. The Runtime Version allows you to run a pre-configured simulation model. In addition, you can use the Runtime Version to change controller settings and setpoints, which can be saved. Runtime CADSIM Plus is approximately one third the cost of the full version of CADSIM Plus.

System Requirements

CADSIM Plus runs well on virtually any personal computer with 32 or 64bit Microsoft Windows® installed, including Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8x and Win 10. Faster processors provide better runtime performance. We like to say, 'if it will run Microsoft Office, it will run CADSIM Plus!'

One or more 24 inch (or larger) HD resolution (or higher) monitors are recommended for CAD drawing, and these will give you a larger view of your model at runtime. Laptop computers with a 15 inch (or larger) HD resolution screen (or higher) are ideal for working with CADSIM Plus away from the office.

Academic Software Program

Aurel Systems has a program for donating software to Universities and Schools for non-commercial, academic uses. In addition, we arrange licensing for a university's commercial uses at an additional cost. We feel that it is very important to give students access to leading edge technologies. If you have an appropriate program that would benefit from access to chemical process simulation software, please contact Aurel to discuss the details.


CADSIM Plus is one of the best values available in the simulation software marketplace. It is the price leader, but don't let that fool you. CADSIM Plus is packed with features that you simply will not find in any other commercially available chemical process simulator. It is available in full and runtime versions. And Aurel includes the first year of software maintenance and support at no extra charge when a new license is purchased.

CADSIM Plus is offered at discounted rates for multiple licenses purchased (in a single purchase, or over time), and it is also available for short or long term lease. CADSIM Plus is licensed on a per-workstation basis. Corporate lease arrangements (with unlimited users) are also available. Contact Aurel for more information.

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