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How easy is it to build a process model in CADSIM Plus?

There are three main steps to creating a basic chemical process simulation in CADSIM Plus:

  1. Create a process sketch or drawing in Drawing Mode.
  2. Define process chemistry, add formats to display results, answer questions to specify flows, reactions and events in the model using Specification Mode.
  3. Run and interact with your model and observe the results in Run Mode.

CADSIM Plus is a process engineering tool. It does not, however, do process engineering for you. It is a powerful tool which assists process engineers in doing their work.

1. Draw

Step 1 - Sketch a FlowsheetCADSIM Plus contains a full CAD drawing mode that you use to draw your process flowsheet model. You can begin by adding a border to your drawing to set the paper size. You can quickly insert drawing parts by choosing from the hundred's of prepared parts that are included with CADSIM Plus, or make your own by sketching process shapes to represent units of equipment.

You can clone areas of the drawing and copy them into new locations. Join them by drawing lines which represent pipes. Window an area of the drawing to make a new part to add to your own parts library.

CADSIM Plus Drawing Mode is optimized for flowsheet drawing. Arrowheads are automatically inserted on lines, indicating direction of flow. Smart positioning of text and lines speeds up placement. Line sections are automatically removed where lines cross (but do not join) to make the drawing easier to read. Adder and Splitter units are automatically created where lines join or divide.

Process shapes can be drawn in any form. There are generally no restrictions on the number and positioning of streams entering or leaving general-purpose units such as Tanks. You can use shapes that are familiar to you and to your industry sector.

Make your sketch as simple or as complex as you desire. You can add animations and color changes that are connected to process variables, providing runtime feedback. When you have finished you sketch, move on to defining the process chemistry.

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